Notice of Change: Sunsetting Submit on Behalf of Non-Enrolled Students

This notice is to inform you that effective September 19, 2023, Turnitin will discontinue support for assignment submissions on behalf of non-enrolled students. This particular workflow was previously accessible only to instructors using Turnitin via or those not utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS). This decision aims to simplify user account and license management.

Going forward, all submissions will require an association with an enrolled student. If you have any questions after reading the FAQs below, please reach out to our dedicated support team.


Why can’t I see the option to submit on behalf of a non-enrolled student?

On September 19th we will remove the option to submit on behalf of a non-enrolled student. When an instructor is submitting a paper to Turnitin a student user enrolled in the class will need to be selected in order to do so.

What was the reason for removing this submission route?

Turnitin made the decision to remove this submission route in order to aid better account management for institutions.

What happens if my student does not have access to an email account?

We recommend enrolling the student using a pseudo email address with the student’s name, school enrollment year and school name as an identifier e.g. once enrolled in the class this student will then show up in the drop down to submit on behalf of the student. We recommend using the students name and enrollment year as new students may enroll year on year with the same name. This helps keep the user unique.

What can I do if my student is unable to enroll in the class before the assignment deadline?

As an instructor you can enroll the students in the class using these guides and make a submission on their behalf, please see this guidance.

How can I spot check a paper?

Within the Instructor homepage you should have the option of ‘Quick Submit” where you can spot check a paper without the need for a student to be enrolled. To submit via QuickSubmit please see our guides here. If you do not see the option of Quick Submit please activate it using our guides here.

Warm regards,

Turnitin Team