Library and Information Center cooperates with other libraries and participates in Consortiums for the purchase of access to individual databases.


The collaboration among its members, by establishing common policy, on journals subscriptions (print and electronic), with aid to promote rational growth of journals collections among partners, savings and access to a greater number of electronic sources in order to meet the educational and research needs of the users of the participating institutions.


MITOS is the integrated catalog of the libraries which participate in the co-operative model of Greek academic libraries named ILSaS (Integrated Library System as a Service). The search modes and the appearance of the results are exactly the same as in our local catalog (OPAC). Users can choose to search simultaneously in the collections of all libraries or to search in a particular library.

Hellenic Interlibrary Loan Network

HILL – net is the official cooperation between organizations which are responsible for the operation of libraries & information services and interlibrary loan service in Greece and Cyprus.


The Library participates in the Collaborative Network of Accessible Bibliography for Disabled Persons which operates within the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link and AMElib (Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library, which is the first attempt for a collective online public catalog, which documents, based of the international standards, accessible bibliography in Greece.