Services &Information literacy

The Library of the Hellenic Mediterranean University offers seminars to library users in order to cover their information needs and support them on how to use the available library resources and become familiar with them, mainly the electronic ones. The seminars take place throughout the academic year and all members of the Academic Community may participate for free.

The seminars  will help you locate, manage, evaluate, retrieve quickly and effectively the information you need in the best and possible way.

1) Library Orientation

This seminar aims to familiarize users with electronic sources and services, helping them to determine their information needs and identify, locate, evaluate and use effectively the information needed in an interactive way

2) Bibliographical resource

This seminar emphasizes on the development of a research topic, subject analysis through mind maps. It teaches the users how to locate the appropriate databases, how to retrieve the information through strategic and research techniques (Boolean operators) and how to evaluate the information that has been retrieved.

3) Writing assignment

This seminar helps the users comprehend the concept of bibliography and bibliographic references, it informs about the bibliographic standards at the international bibliography and teaches the users how to create and manage their bibliography through reference management software.

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