What should I do in order to use Library’s material?

You have to attend a seminar about the library’s services and register.
Registration requires the following :

application (available at the library’s reception)

1 photocopy of your academic card,

library services seminar attendance certificate,

What restrictions apply when entering the library?

Food, drinks, smoking and cellular phones usage are NOT allowed.

What are the library opening hours?

Please look at our opening hours page for full details.


How many books can I check out?

The maximum number of books available for any student is four books for a period of 20 days. Books marked as “Μη Δανειζόμενο” are available for a single day only or the weekend.

I am not a member of the HELMEPA community. Can I check out material?;

Individuals not belonging to HELMEPA community may use various library’s services but they can NOT allowed to check out books.

Can I check out journals?

No you can’t check out.

May I borrow a dictionary?

You can’t check out documents such as dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.

What should I do if I need for more days a book, I have already checked out?

You can ask for the renewal of the material as long as there are, at least, two copies of the book available in the library.

Can I check out multimedia material?

Multimedia material can check out for 3 days, 20 days,  1 day or for the weekend.

What will happen if the check in date of a book is overdue?

You can’t check out material for 15 days as a penalty.

What if I lost or damaged the book I have check out?

You have to buy a new item for the library.


How can I search through the material available in the library?

To search books, journals, CD-ROMS, use the catalog.

What is the OPAC ?

The Online Public Access Catalog is the library’s system through which you can search for printed and electronic material.

What should I know when I search for material in the library’s catalog?

You should know the author or the title, the subject or key words describing the subject you are searching.

What should I notice in the bibliographic informations of the book  I am interested in?

Before looking for your book in the library’s shelf, pay attention to the book’s availability marks («On Shelf », «3-12-2019» etc.) and its local information that means its collection and its classification number ( ΤΚ2354.Κ37 1999) that leads to the book shelf.

The book I am interested appears available in the catalog but I can’t find it in the shelf. What can I do?

When a book appears in the catalogue as available but is not located at the shelf, it is possible it is used in the reading room or its being processed by the library’s staff. In such a case ask the library’s staff.

Interlibrary loan service

If the article I need is not available in the library, how can I find it?

This library as a member of the national network of academic and scientific libraries can provide articles that can be found in other libraries in Greece and abroad through the National Documentation Center.

What is the cost of ordering articles from other libraries?

Ordering articles is free for the users. However ordering from abroad costs.

If the book I need is not in the OPAC, what can I do ?

The library can provide you the book from other library in Greece. But the cost of courier, is about 10€.

I do not know how to search information relating to the subject I am interested in. Who can help me?

Attend the library’s seminar for information literacy.

Electronic resources

Do I need a password in order to use the library’s electronic resources ?

No if you use a library’s PC. If you are at home, using your PC you have to use a VPN connection using your institutional  login (Email ) and password. In case of a problem please ask the library’s staff.

How can anyone look for bibliography on a particular subject?

Search in electronic resources.

I have a problem accessing the full text of an electronic journal. What is wrong?

For most electronic journals there is access for their full text, while for some other brief abstracts or other kind of information are available. For more information please contact the library’s staff.

People with disabilities

Does the library support Services for People with Disabilities ?

In a specially designed place on the 1st floor of the library, there are workstations that are equipped with special devices and software to satisfy the needs of people with disabilities, as well as brochures with detailed instructions for use, concise instructions, and instructions in Braille. For more information, please contact us :                                Tel. 2810379330-31 and e-mail: amea@hmu.gr


Who can use the computers and how?

The library’s computers can be used by all members of HELMEPA academic community after they enroll in the priority list at the library’s reading room.

May I use the library’s computers for word processing?

Yes you can.

May I use the library’s computers for chat?

No. Chatting has no scientific or academic purpose.

May I use the library’s computers for Email?

Yes you can.

Can I print my work?

Yes you can. You can register in PaperCut program.

How can I photocopy my work?

Yes you can.